if i have ever had a role model, it’s been abbott miller, a designer engaged in both theory and practice, commerce and culture. this book is inspirational.
peter bil’ak, typotheque

abbott miller’s well-furnished mind produces such splendid, elegant, glee-filled, original work! looking through this book i was tempted to publish a picture book or start a magazine or open a museum just so he could design it.
kurt andersen, studio 360

abbott miller is a master of the art of placement.
twyla tharp

abbott miller is one of the most intellectually based designers i know, but is unique in that he has the ability to take that profound knowledge, creativity, theory and a general love of all culture to talk to a mass audience in a way that neither patronises nor alienates but invigorates and informs. he is also a true example of a renaissance designer, not only creating great work but articulating it lucidly in writing about design that certainly has had a great influence on my own work.
jonathan barnbrook

always intelligent and memorably legible, abbott miller’s work stands out in the forest of signs that is the visual universe.
richard armstrong director, guggenheim museum

this survey is evidence that specificity and innovation are critical in design. in each project, abbott finds new opportunities to push the possibilities of visual communication.
thom mayne, morphosis

abbott miller’s visual intelligence pierces the disparate projects collected in this book; the book is itself a master project. miller’s nuanced critical-generative approach defies being captured in a blurb.
elizabeth diller, diller scofidio + renfro

good design is never merely styling or problem-solving. good design always touches upon larger cultural and social issues. In addressing these themes via the eyes and the hands of the designer we unavoidably enter a field of cultural production in which the divide between art and design no longer exists. this book once again proves the importance of having designers among us who can deploy the writing machine alongside their design practice.
hella jongerius

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clothbound hard cover
272 pages
392 color illustrations
8.4 × 10 inches
published by princeton architectural press